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    • Brahmanandam
      There are 220 million speakers of Dravidian languages in the world. Most of these are speakers of Tamil or Telugu who live in South and South-Central India. That population is comparable to the English speaking population of the world, of which 360 million are native speakers. As such it seems reasonable to expect that speakers …
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    About Us

    The RB and LPX Foundation is dedicated to the democratization of machine learning and data science. We believe that science is human right, and that all human beings have the same basic abilities to do science and understand mathematical modeling. We believe that scientific methodology and mathematical models can be as valuable to the public and in public view as they can to private or secretive organizations. Further, we believe that scientific methodology will develop more quickly in public view than it ever could in secret.
    Concretely, the foundation organizes seminars and webinars around topics related to machine learning and data science. Topics of particular interest to us include population dynamics of endangered species, ecology, human population trends of poverty and homelessness and natural language analysis of government social welfare programs. In addition we discuss the basic craft of machine learning and the mathematical theories behind commonly used models.
    We run a reading group which has covered clustering models applied to social networks, generative models for image processing and quantum computing improvements which can speed up machine learning in comparison to classical computing.

    RB & LPX Foundation is a not-for-profit, section 501c(3) organization. Required documents are available to public on request.